For Educators

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Teachers of Psychology, Sociology and Family and Consumer Science may be interested in a variety of resources that we have created for working with families, child care providers and children.

Working Families Newsletter

A quarterly publication with articles covering a wide range of topics that impact the lives of families. The site contains an archive that goes back to 2007.

A Guide to the Business of Babysitting

The purpose of this guide is to prepare potential babysitters with the knowledge and skills necessary to care for children. This website is specifically designed to be used by young people, ages 14-19 who are interested in learning more about the business of babysitting. This is not developed for youth under the age of 14 or for childcare professionals who generally need a more concentrated, in-depth learning experience.

Character Development

Character education is about teaching people to make sound moral judgements. At its best, character education is integrated into every aspect of a person’s life – home, school, work and community. Author and professor, Dr. Thomas Lickona, describes character education’s goal as teaching people to "know the good, love the good (develop a conscience) and do the good." In many character education efforts, community members come to consensus about the virtues ("the good") they would like people in the community to possess. The Character Counts! program, for instance, focuses on trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

Child Care

The Illinois Department of Aging has a task force for "Grandparents Raising Grandchildren in Illinois" to assist older adult caregivers in their efforts to provide quality care for their family's children. Starting Points for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren is a resource guide with information and services for Grandparent Caregivers.


University faculty and Extension educators from across the United States came together to create the eXtension network. eXtension is a web-based, interactive learning environment delivering research-based information to individuals and families. On this site, you can find information and activities on parenting, including Just in Time Parenting newsletters, 36 age-paced, developmentally appropriate newsletters for parents, families, and caregivers (prenatal through age 5).

Family Life Team

Family Life Extension Educators across Illinois provide community-based educational programs to fit the specialized needs of family members. These educators have developed unique skills for reaching underserved rural and urban families who often would not have the opportunity to learn about children and families. In addition to conducting community-based programs, these educators have produced many valuable resource materials for parents, teachers and child care providers like Terrific Teachable Moments and Walk in My Shoes.

Terrific Teachable Moments

Everyone who works with children knows the value of a teachable moment. With Terrific Teachable Moments: Pre-K through Grade 2 and Terrific Teachable Moments: Grades 3 through 6 at your fingertips, you can respond to character and behavior issues with a range of ages at a moment's notice. And our CD-ROM version puts the resources of both books in electronic form (Acrobat PDF files) for easy full-text searching. The Terrific Teachable Moments books were developed by the family life and youth development specialists of University of Illinois Extension. Each book has 75 hands-on, minds-on mini-lessons (about 10 minutes each) that equip you to help children make positive character choices at school and beyond. The activities are categorized using the Six Pillars of Character--Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship--identified by the Josephson Institute of Ethics and used in CHARACTER COUNTS!SM programming. The Terrific Teachable Moments CD-ROM works on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems and includes Adobe's free Reader software for viewing the PDF files. If you prefer a printed version of either book, check out Terrific Teachable Moments: Pre-K through Grade 2 and Terrific Teachable Moments: Grades 3 through 6.

Walk in My Shoes

Walk in My Shoes is a program to help school-age children learn about the aging process. The program was designed to improve children's attitudes about growing older, provide children with communication skills that help them form new or enrich current relationships with older adults, and strengthen intergenerational ties at large.

Family Quiz

Take a quick quiz testing your knowledge of issues faced by Illinois families.

Family Works

Topics such as: respect, gangs, anger, school & discipline.

Helping Children Succeed in School

Research reveals the importance of parental and family involvement in schools. Although many parents and families recognize the value of education, role modeling, and establishing/maintaining positive connections with teachers/schools, they may not know how or where to start. Sometimes, however, they don't know where to start, when to find the time, or how to go about making positive connections with the school. At the most basic level, parents can begin encouraging the education of their children by showing that they truly value education themselves.


Ideas for coping with the challenges of parenting and preparing children for success covering the following topics:

  • Kids & Food
  • Help Your Child Succeed
  • Your Child’s Health
  • Challenges of Parenting
  • Learning to Get Along
  • Playtime in Fun Time
  • The Day Care Routine

Parenting Again

A newsletter focused on grandparents raising their grandchildren. The number of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren continues to rise. For many grandparents, it is more difficult to parent the second time around. They may be faced with raising their grandchildren at a time when their age, poor health, and limited finances compound their problems. In spite of these challenges, grandparents do their best to help themselves and their grandchildren succeed. Parenting Again provides helpful information for those second-time parents.

Sprouts - Growing Healthy Habits

Eating a balanced diet, getting a good night’s sleep, limiting screen time, and choosing healthy foods at the grocery store during part of family shopping trips are all part of healthy habits established early in life. The Sprouts program is an interactive curriculum administered in kindergarten classrooms in a primarily low-income school in Champaign, Illinois.
Learn more about the Sprouts curriculum


A website dedicated to issues families often encounter when dealing with toddlers. Topics include:

  • Toddlers Exploring the World
  • What Will We Eat Today
  • When All You Hear Is “No!”
  • Learning to Say Goodbye
  • Toilet Teaching

Your New Baby

Three useful resources about colic, finding infant/toddler child care, and sleeping through the night.

Intentional Harmony

Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Life is a set of resources to help people manage their work and their personal lives. Intentional Harmony is based on family theory and interdisciplinary research, and it addresses the needs of working individuals in several critical areas.

Parenting 24/7

This site focuses on raising children and managing family life with four sections dedicated to:

  • Infants
  • Preschoolers
  • School-aged children
  • Teens

Additional resources for parents, caregivers, and educators

Listing of publications (for purchase) that address a range of issues related to family life and relationships.