Kaitlyn Sebastian

"I'll never forget the genuine care that HDFS faculty and staff had for their students. The people that make up this major love what they do and it shows in their research, courses, and student interaction. This supportive environment was home for me in such a large school and thus encouraged me to pursue my future career goal!"

Kaitlyn Sebastian, HDFS Class of 2020

Paige Vande Vusse

"Before entering the University of Illinois, I was petrified; I was so scared that I was never going to find my place on such a large campus. HDFS was the first place on campus that really made me feel at home. HDFS encompasses a small group of unique individuals who share a passion for helping others.  Between the professors and my fellow students, HDFS became a family to me, and I could not imagine my college experience without it."

Paige Vande Vusse, HDFS Class of 2020

Miguel Quinones

"At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after I graduated. However, HDFS gave me many opportunities to get involved and figure out my passions. After taking a variety of interesting classes, taking part in research, and receiving hands-on guidance from faculty, HDFS helped me create a strong foundation for my future, and turned me into a strong applicant for graduate school and beyond."

Miguel Quinones, HDFS Class of 2020

Nettie DeWeese

"The HDFS department, with its small size, allows for an intimate setting in the classroom. Students are able to connect more with both classmates and professors. Here, you are not just known as a statistic, but on a first name basis. HDFS is filled with research opportunities, study abroad adventures, and both professional and volunteer student organizations."

Nettie DeWeese, HDFS Class of 2016

Samantha Addante

"The HDFS department has truly made my college experience thus far. The opportunity that the department gives to make connections with faculty is like no other department at the University of Illinois. Some of the relationships that I have built with faculty are the reason I have found direction with my career goals and motivation to achieve them."

Samantha Addante, HDFS Class of 2017

Jordan Magold

"I appreciate the variety of classes offered in the major and the usefulness of the information presented in the classes. This information is helpful for even non-HDFS major students. It provides life skills, communication, and problem solving skills. I have learned how to be a better person and researcher in addition to how to better advise and help those in crisis."

Jordan Magold, HDFS Class of 2015

Jasmine Washington

"[HDFS] allows me to learn more about people not only as individuals, but as parts of families, communities, and society as a whole. I love that it is so easy for you to get involved with a wide variety of opportunities."

Jasmine Washington, HDFS Class of 2016

Jeremy Kanter

"My dream job is to become a professor and conduct research on relationship education programs as well as develop my own online relationship education program. HDFS has helped me with this by creating a strong foundation for me to build on as I go to graduate school."

Jeremy Kanter, HDFS Class of 2014, now a PhD student at University of Missouri