Students eligible: Current University of Illinois students who are pursuing a degree in HDFS.
Semesters of course offerings: Spring, Fall, Summer
Program length: 14 courses
Format: in-person and online

Intent to pursue

What is the Gateways Family Specialist Credential?

The Gateways Family Specialist Credential (FSC) is for professionals who provide direct services to families. They work in a variety of settings and their titles vary as well. Some of the positions who would apply for the FSC might be Parent Educators, Family Advocates, or Family Case Workers. Those earning the FSC will have special knowledge of family relationships.

Student helping two kids learn how to cook


Required Courses

HDFS 105

Introduction to Human Development

HDFS 120

Introduction to Family Studies

HDFS 290

Introduction to Research Methods

HDFS 291

Career Planning & Exploration

ALEC 510

Program Planning, Implementation, & Evaluation

HDFS 420

Inequality, Public Policy, & U.S. Families

HDFS 426

Family Conflict Management

Elective Courses

Choose one of the Following Courses:

HDFS 206 Early Childhood Curriculum Development
HDFS 294 Research Internship*
HDFS 494 Applied Research Methods*

*these options must have a family theme to the research

Choose one of the Following Courses:

HDFS 450 Practicum in HDFS*
HDFS 398 Child Health in South Africa (with internship)*

*these options must have a family theme to the internship

Choose TWO of the Following Courses:

HDFS 320 Families & the Law
HDFS 322 U.S. Latina & Latino Families
HDFS 445 Substance Use & Family Health

Choose THREE of the Following Courses:

HDFS 108 Grief & Loss Across the Lifespan
HDFS 208 Children & Families with Special Needs
HDFS 305 Middle Childhood
HDFS 408 Hospitalized Children
HDFS 425 Family Stress and Change

Undergraduate Advising

Barbara Anderson
Academic Advisor

237 Bevier Hall
905 S Goodwin Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801

Barbara Anderson